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    • Name: Francisco “Frank” de Ayala
      Date of Birth: 08/2/1946
      Place of Birth: San Antonio, Texas
      Place of Residence: Dallas, Texas
      State of Representation: Texas
      Party: Republican
      Religion: Catholic
      Family Info: Wife (Norma), 2 adopted children, 4 grandchildren   Education Info
      Dartmouth College – BA in Economics (1968)
      University of Texas, Austin – J.D. (1976)   Occupational History
      Undergraduate Student – 1964 to 1968
      Law Student – 1968-1969
      U.S. Army - Infantry Staff Sargent – 1969 to 1970
      U.S. Army – Second Lieutenant – 1971 to 1973
      Law Student – 1973 to 1975
      Clerk to Charles Clark, 5th Circuit – 1975 to 1976
      Assistant General Counsel University of Texas System – 1976 to 1980
      General Counsel and Senior Vice President – Lone Star Energy Corporation – 1980 to 1987
      Associate Professor of Law – SMU School of Law 1980 to 1987
      US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas – 1987 to 1991
      Attorney General of Texas – 1991 to 1995
      U.S. Senate – 1995 to Present   Frank was born to a family of mutli-generation Hispanics from Texas, a prominent family from San Antonio who were first owners of a small construction business operating in the region and who later became deeply involved in the local political scene. Despite his relatively modest upbringings, Frank was an intelligent young person who earned a full scholarship to Dartmouth College. Following the completion of his degree, he went to law school at UT-Austin. One year into Law School, however, de Ayala was drafted and answered the call—ultimately being deployed to Vietnam. He took an opportunity to re-enlist and serve for several more years as a 2nd lieutenant in the Army. In 1973 he was injured due to a mine, which killed several of his colleagues while crippling him from the waist down—leaving him wheelchair ridden. Following the injury, he was honorably discharged, where he continued his law studies. He was awarded several medals due to his service, include the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, etc. At the university he distinguished himself both as a scholar and an author of a number of pieces of journal articles. He landed a clerkship in the 5th circuit. Upon completion, due to his connections at the university, he found a position as an assistant general counsel—a position he remained in for several years. Increasing the connections and seeing his potential, several businessmen approached him about potential involvement in a new energy company being founded in the area. He accepted that position, as well as a part time faculty teaching professor at SMU. He remained in those positions for 7 years, when, eventually the Lone Star Energy Corporation was sold to a major oil and gas production and exploration company. Upon the disposition of his company, de Ayala intended to continue teaching, however, he was called upon to serve as the US Attorney for Northern Texas, which he accepted—due to his increasing profile among those in politics. After several years, he would return to Texas to run as the State Attorney General—which he won. After 4 years he was elected to the US Senate, where he has served in 1995. De Ayala has remained a loyal and steadfast conservative. 
      Please change display name to “de Ayala” 
    • Name: John T. Allen Date of Birth: November 1, 1947 (58 years old) Place of Birth: Paradise, California Current Place of Residence: Washington, D.C. Political Affiliation: Republican Party Religion: Roman Catholic (Italian) Avatar: TO BE DETERMINED (sometime today)   Family Information   Spouse: Megan Allen, m. 2/15/1972 Children: Franklin "Frank" Allen (11/5/1973), Amanda Allen (6/23/1979), Jack Allen (9/14/1982) Parent(s): Theresa Allen (still alive)   Educational History   Alma mater: University of Southern California (Class of 1969) Degree(s): Bachelors: Business Administration. Minor: Finance & Business Economics   Occupational History Rancher (1969-2004) Employee of Bank of California (1969-70) Board of Directors member of Bank of California (1970-1976) Founder & CEO of JA Financials (1976-1996) United States Congressman, California District 2 (1997-2002) Governor of the State of California (2003-2004) Vice President of the United States (2005-Present)     Born and raised in Northern California, John Allen grew up working on the family ranch while going to high school, with him and his brother being raised by a single mother. A hard worker by nature, he was able to earn the grades to attend the University of Southern California after graduating high school, where he earned a bachelors in business administration and a minor in finance an business economics. It was during his sophomore year in college that he met the woman who would eventually become his wife, Megan. After John graduated from college, he moved back home to Paradise where he bought a ranch of his own and had Megan move in with him (3 years later they would marry). While he worked on the ranch for a year he also started at an entry level position in a local bank that was just getting started. After a year, he was asked to become a member of the board of directors of the bank earning a good share of the profit. After seven years serving on the board of directors and expanding the bank from just one to three branches, John decided to start his own business; JA Financials. A business that specialized in consulting in all areas regarding business management, finances, banking, and capital; while also in the business of purchasing small banks, real estate firms, small insurance companies and others of the like to turn a profit and run them (sometimes selling them) all throughout the country.   In the year of 1996, John was recruited by folks in the political world to run for Congress. With the quick endorsement of retiring congressman Wally Herger (good friends of the family, donated money to his previous campaigns), he was able to swiftly win the primary and then the general election in this republican heavy district. During his brief time in Congress, John was known for being real smart when it came to the economy and policies that effected it. While he never ran for leadership, he did earn himself a chairmanship. After some time in Congress, he felt he could do more good for his homestate by running for Governor. He described it as the "toughest campaign I've ever been apart of," running against Gray Davis. The two campaigns spent millions of dollars on the race, and in the end then Congressman John Allen won the election with 53.2% of the vote. While Governor he championed small businesses and worked on lowering taxes on all working families and expanding the Californian economy.   While in the middle of his first term in office, Governor Allen was asked by Governor Reynolds of Florida to be her running mate for President after she secured the party's primary nomination. Despite the fact that Governor Allen maintained neutrality throughout the entire process, Theresa Reynolds saw his common sense conservative voice, business expertise as well as brief experience in Washington as the right mix to be her running mate. And after several long conversations with his family, Governor Allen agreed. And in the fall of 2004, Reynolds-Allen were elected to become the next President and Vice President of the United States.   (*Bank of California is a fictional bank)
    • Part of the reason I'm stepping down Thyne is because you are right: I don't have the time I used to have to release more frequent news articles like I used to. Why did I stick around? Honestly, it's in case Conrad needed help behind the scenes as he upgraded the forums and to finish out the reset. I'm an admin on another forum that had upgraded to IPB4 and that upgrade caused some technical issues on the forum (and it caused it on this one when we upgraded) that I knew from experience, I could at least address some of them myself. Now that we've reset and we've settled into the new forum software, I can step down (although obviously Conrad and such can always ask my help when it comes to the new AdminCP since I'm more familiar with it than they are).  That might not be good enough for you Thyne but whatever. Since I'm only admin-in-name only at this point, I really don't care.
    • HOLY CRAPOLA IT'S MATT!!!   Welcome!
    • So now that we've reset, I don't think Conrad needs anything more from me. I'm handing over my econ duties to Recks who I believe will be a-mazing. As such, I will be leaving the AB. It has become obvious to me that as I gear up my own personal time in pursuing my dream of working in Hollywood, I no longer really have time to properly be an admin as much as I loved it. I don't know yet if I'll play, but good luck to this reset nonetheless!
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