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    • There is no 'word count' but players can be graded according to the length of their speech. That is to say, I'm not going to audit how many words are in your speech... but clearly a 15,000 word speech would be too long. I would suggest as a guideline... a run of the mill speech shouldn't need more than 750 words... and a major convention speech shouldn't need more than 2000.... Not word limits... and know that a good speech isn't necessarily a longer one....   The campaign talking points should be the same (since they are the campaigns)... Although if your campaign wants to have dueling campaign themes who am I to object? Campaign stumps may also differ... 
    • @RepChapman: RIP to Justice Scalia; he was a true civil servant.   @RepChapman: I hope @POTUS nominates quickly, to avoid SCOTUS backlog 
    • Congressman Micari Issues Statement on Death of Justice Scalia WASHINGTON, D.C. - After the news broke about the passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia, Congressman Micari issues the following statement.   "Tonight we will mourn the loss of one of America's most brilliant judicial minds. Justice Scalia was first and foremost a man who, with a dedicated and spectacular legal mind, shaped our government... shaped our way of life, for better or for worse. Although I disagreed with many of his rulings, the duty now is on the President and the Senate to find a worthy replacement for this giant of a man, a man who is worthy of all of our respect. And, let me be clear, I want to be clear. Justice Scalia is a product of a time where many minorities had to fight for every right they now enjoy today. While I will keep the Scalia family in my thoughts, I also wish to express my solidarity with racial minorities, our LGBT citizens, and women who feel that America's courts have not always reflected their interests. It might seem dark now, but the sun will rise."
    • Press Office of Ivan Esteves Navarro, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico   - The official source of press statements from the delegate representing Puerto Rico in the U.S. Congress -   For additional inquiries or to request a press kit, please contact us at  media@navarro.house.gov  or visit our offices.            2410 Rayburn HOB                                      157 Ave. de la Constitución     Washington, DC 20515                                 San Juan, PR 00901 Telephone: (202) 225-2615                          Telephone: (787) 723-6333
      Fax: (202) 225-2154                                     Fax: (787) 729-7738
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